SEO Updates

SEO Updates

Hello Everyone,
Here are a few updates on SEO in the last six months. Please read below for the details:
Core Web Vitals report
The Core Web Vitals report shows how the pages perform, based on real-world usage data. The report shows URL performance grouped by status(Poor, Need improvement, Good), metric type (CLS, FID, INP and LCP) and URL group( group of similar web pages).
Dropping mobile-friendliness, removing mobile usability report plus mobile-friendly testing tool in Search Console with API(end of year).
Interaction to the next page(INP) will become a part of Core Web Vitals.

Search Console
Update to the rich results test that allows code editing. It makes trying out fixes to the markup much easier and faster.
Search Console Insights now also supports users without Google Analytics.

Generative AI
Build the future of Search with Search Labs.
Recently launched Search Labs, a place to sign up and try out new products and ideas.

One of the biggest updates is Core Algorithm Update. It targeted all content types within all regions and languages, promoting and rewarding high-quality and high-value web pages.

The last modified date is a response typically contained within a sitemap file and is used to inform search engines when a page was last updated. This can be used to encourage a search engine to re-crawl a page faster due to the content being seen as updated.

Featured Snippets and Zero-Click Searches: Featured snippets appear above organic search results, providing quick answers to users’ queries. Optimize the content to target featured snippets by structuring the content in a concise, question-and-answer format. Additionally, focus on optimizing for zero-click searches by providing valuable information directly in search results.

Google has rolled out two major SEO updates in 2023. The first update was a broad core algorithm update that started rolling out on March 15, 2023, and took 13 days to complete. The second update was a product reviews update that started rolling out on April 12, 2023.
The broad core algorithm update is a regular update that Google makes to its search algorithm. This update is designed to improve the quality of search results by rewarding websites that provide high-quality content and penalizing websites that provide low-quality content.
The product reviews update is a more specific update that targets websites that publish product reviews. This update is designed to improve the quality of product reviews in search results by rewarding websites that provide comprehensive, informative, and objective reviews.
Both of these updates are designed to improve the quality of search results for users. If you want your website to rank well in search results, it is important to create high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience. You should also avoid engaging in any black hat SEO practices, as these can get your website penalized by Google.

Mobile-first indexing – Google has been moving towards a mobile-first indexing approach since 2018. This means that Google primarily uses the mobile version of a website for indexing and ranking, instead of the desktop version. In 2023, it will be essential for websites to have a mobile-friendly design and fast mobile loading speed to perform well in search rankings.

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